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Photo by Lucas Winkelmann.

life has always been about | m o m e n t s |. i believe that little moments in life have shaped the way i think, the way i live, and the way i take on life. these moments exist for a brief moment, sometimes only a second or two. a glance, a phrase, a feeling -- moments have impacted my life in ways that words don't do justice.

photography has always been a way for me to take hold those moments in life and document them in a way that exists forever. i excel in capturing the moments and pulling the most value out of each situation i'm in and each person i talk to. i believe that everyone has a story. i believe that everyone wants to be heard. i believe that everyone wants to be understood. if i can play the part of being on the giving end of that understanding, of that hearing, of that love, then i have done my job on this earth. and i think that's the reason for making this; so i can share my moments with you.

music inspires me, friends inspire me, and you'll probably inspire me too. let's create moments together.